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March 2018 Update

Dear Supporter,

I hope we convey to you the impact of your contribution to El Paso’s water, wildlife, and lands. Whether the impact is on farmland, ranchland or natural areas. We sincerely thank you for your support!

As you may have read earlier this year, Frontera will not be hosting an annual event this spring. We’ve discovered that the bulk of our donations do not come at just one time but, instead, are evenly paced from one month to the next. In addition, the Frontera Board of Directors felt that being good stewards of our supporters’ donations was more important than hosting an event per se. It goes without saying that Frontera remains extremely grateful for your generous support. As we always do, we’ll devote your donations to our many growing programs and projects such as:

Nature Discovery Program, where we focus on education and recreation. That program is full of exciting things this year. We have a lot of activities coming your way. They range from kayaking and birding tours to burrowing owl and native bee hikes in Resler Canyon and a new program called Focus on Nature, where you hike and view the world around you through a lens, be it a cell phone or a camera. In addition, we’ve established and formalized new partnerships with Fort Bliss by co-signing onto the Fort’s Youth and Child Services programs as well as its Volunteer program. 

Frontera Land Alliance Endowment Fund is established! We’re excited to share with you that Frontera has established an endowment fund at the El Paso Community Foundation (EPCF). If you wish to learn more about how to include The Frontera Land Alliance in your estate planning or how to make a direct donation to the fund, please reach out to the EPCF or get in touch with Frontera. 

Land Preservation is happening!   Frontera is working with regional folks—the owners of organic farms, open desert lands, etc.—to assist and educate them on how to protect their property and leave a perpetual legacy. In addition, Frontera is part of the City’s Preservation and Conservation Planning Committee tasked with suggesting helping decide what of the City’s 7,000 acres of open space land should be sold and what to preserve and manage as open space.. The City of El Paso owns over 7,000 acres of open space. And the City is now engaged in deciding what to sell and what to keep (and thus be preserved and managed as open space). To help determine the future use of this land, El Paso Water (Utilities) has set up a Preservation and Conservation Planning Committee. Conserving these 7,000 acres is such a wonderful idea that other cities want to copy it. In sum, this is a golden opportunity for the City of El Paso. 

We are very grateful for your financial support of The Frontera Land Alliance May we count on you to give a gift in lieu of attending an annual event? We hope you will take some time to reflect on how Frontera is working to engage and educate people about land conservation while conserving important open space lands in our beautiful West Texas region.  


Save a stamp and paper. Donate at: Frontera Alliance Webpage


Scott Cutler

President of The Frontera Land Alliance


P.S. Frontera Land Alliance is now a nationally accredited land trust, a local 501 C (3), that  protects—forever—natural areas, working farms and ranches, water and wildlife for future generations in the west Texas and southern New Mexico region of the Chihuahuan Desert. Frontera will continue its leadership role in education, resource management, and land stewardship by engaging in collaborative partnerships. Frontera promotes and facilitates balance in prudent approaches to ensuring the sustainability of our natural assets.

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