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February 2018 Update

Frontera Land Alliance Endowment Fund is established! We’re excited to share that Frontera has established an endowment fund at the El Paso Community Foundation (EPCF). If you wish to learn more about how to include The Frontera Land Alliance in your estate planning or how to make a direct donation to the fund, please reach out to the EPCF or get in touch with Frontera. 

Preservation and Conservation Planning Committee: The City of El Paso has over 7,000 acres of open space that it owns. And the City is now engaged in deciding what to sell and what to keep (and thus be preserved and managed as open space). To help determine the future use of this land, El Paso Water (Utilities) has set up a Preservation and Consecration Planning Committee. These 7,000 acres are a wonderful treasure that is so unique that other cities would love to have this chance to improve their community’s quality of life! This is a golden opportunity for the City of El Paso. On Wednesday, March 21 at the Public Service Board’s public meeting we will be making a short presentation and asking the PSB to preserve parts of the 7,000 acres that are adjacent to the Franklin Mountains State Park.  

March Events 

Tuesday, March 6, webinar, noon to 1:30. Topic: Partnering with state and local agencies on conservation projects. In this webinar, you will learn practical strategies for creating successful partnerships and what to look out for when entering in a partnership.  Feel free to bring your lunch. Keller Williams Real Estate at 6006 N. Mesa, Ste. 110, El Paso, TX  79912 will be hosting the webinar. 

Please RSVP to as space is limited. 

Wednesday, March 7, webinar, noon to 1:30. Topic: Farmland Conservation 2.0: Tools and tips for keeping farmers on the land. In this webinar, learn how land trusts and other conservation organizations can fulfill their missions while also serving a critical public need. Feel free to bring your lunch. Keller Williams Real Estate at 6006 N. Mesa, Ste. 110, El Paso, TX  79912, will be hosting the webinar.

Please RSVP to

Thursday, March 8, a webinar, noon to 1:30. What you need to know about a title review. This introductory webinar will cover the basics of the title review with a practical, step by step approach to reviewing documents and solving common title problems. Feel free to bring your lunch. Keller Williams Real Estate at 6006 N. Mesa, Ste. 110, El Paso, TX  79912, will be hosting the webinar. 

Please RSVP to as space is limited.

pastedGraphic.png “Focus on Nature”: A guided hike will be held at the Archeology Museum, March 17, 9 a.m. to 10:30 a.m. Come on out with your cell phone or camera, see if you can  capture a great poppy picture from the trail while you earn a little something about the photo your taking! RSVP:

Highlights:  Frontera is working with one of Dr. Isabel Baca, (Associate Professor of English, Rhetoric and Writing Studies Program, Director, Bilingual Professional Writing Certificate Program, Director, Community Writing Partners, Department of English, University of Texas at El Paso) Master program students, Mrinalkanti Ray, to assist Frontera for two months on communication matters. 

Other highlights are that we are seeing an increased interest in conservation easements! The City of El Paso has purchased 280 acres of land, along with a donation of land by the landowners totaling 366 acres. This land buffers the state park and Castner Range. In addition, grants are currently being submitted to request for funding for Frontera operations and to grow support for our Nature Discovery Program. 

Frontera was recently contacted by a person out of Florida trying to abuse the federal tax system with the donation of conservation easement. Thanks to the Texas Land Trust Council we were prepared to deal with the call and were educated on the current misuse of valuing the land higher than it would normally have been appraised. If Frontera had continued such conversation our land trust would have been in jeopardy and worse yet, we would have lost our supporters’ trust.

Finally, we had a great time with the kick-off event “Focus on Nature”. We had a great mix of kids and adults that turned out to learn about nature through a camera lens!

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