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The Frontera April 2017 Update

Frontera is going even greener!  As a great way to celebrate Earth Day (Saturday, April 22) we will not automatically mail print versions of The Frontera Land Alliance’s bi-annual newsletter moving forward. Instead, Frontera will email each of you a monthly newsletter (unless you have specially noted you want a printed version). We’re doing this so we can use the money heretofore spent on the bi-annual newsletter, over $3,000, directly for conservation projects rather than on printing and design costs. If at any point you want a printed version of our monthly updates or want to go email only please contact the Frontera office:

Community Support:

El Paso Electric Company, Thank you! Frontera has received funding from the El Paso Electric Company to assist in implementing an Educate through Connectivity to Nature program. Frontera is committed to increasing the number of people that spend time exploring and moving in our natural world. This will lead to better health and a better quality of life which will only increase because people will feel connected, and learn about nature and the land in which they live.  By making these connections through education and action, we not only improve and sustain the mental and physical health of our community members for many years to come, but we also improve and sustain the health of our region’s beautiful natural environment for future generations.  


Enjoy an El Paso Times article—sponsored by Frontera—on how you can learn about nature from your home 

And here is yet another piece—published in the Times and written by Frontera’s Executive Director—on why plants are important to our daily health: We need plants for healthy life

Join Frontera at these upcoming events:

Frontera Preservation Mixer at the Ode Brewing Company, THURSDAY, April 27 at 4 p.m.! 
All are welcome to join Frontera for a gathering, Thursday, April 27, at the Ode Brewing Company, for a Happy Hour that starts at 4 p.m.  Come enjoy great company with like minds who love our region’s natural world. Make new friends, enjoy great food and drink, and learn how to become active in making our community better!

The Water Festival at the H20 Center, Saturday, May 13, from 10am – 2pm.
The Water Festival promotes water awareness and education leading to an understanding of our regional water resources, water conservation and El Paso Water’s efforts to provide a safe, reliable drinking water supply. Attendees will be inspired to practice thoughtful and proactive water stewardship throughout the community. The event will be held at the H20 Center, 10751 Montana Ave. Frontera will have a booth and will be joined by a pollination expert who will talk about native bees.

Rio Bosque Wetlands Park: Saturday, May 20 from 9am – 12pm.
Join the Friends of the Rio Bosque to experience nature’s beautiful display of wildflowers coming into bloom at the Rio Bosque Wetlands Park.

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preserve natural spaces for future generations


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