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Photo by: Mark Klune

The Frontera May 2016 Update

BLM Visit El Paso: Amy Lueders (the Bureau of Land Management’s New Mexico State Director [includes Texas, Oklahoma and Kansas]), along with Bill Childress (the BLM’s Regional Manager for Southern New Mexico) visited Castner Range on May 9, 2016. We were accompanied by Congressman O’Rourke who discussed with Ms. Lueders and Mr. Childress the benefits of making Castner Range a national monument. They left with a greater understanding of Castner Range and the region. And now we have some follow-up to do! You can learn more by clicking on this KFOX link:

On Sat., May 7, more than 30 volunteers block-walked and visited over 1,500 homes asking residents to sign a letter in support of a Castner Range National Monument. The following Monday, the El Paso Community Foundation hosted a Castner Range Art Show which displayed local school children’s Castner Range art work. The Schools include (but are not limited to) Magoffin Elementary, El Paso High School and Roberts Elementary. And four El Pasoans—a teacher, a Rotarian, a biologist, and a UTEP student—travelled to DC to share why Castner Range is of value to them and why it must be protected. The next trips are planned for June and July.

We still need help! We must keep on showing President Obama that El Pasoans want to protect this land forever. Please volunteer! Give two hours over the following weekend and help save 7,081 acres of land for deer, mountain lions and above all the poppies! If you can collect signatures at the following events, please contact Jazmin at or call (915) 820-5470.

1. Franklin High School graduation, Friday, June 10. We will meet at the Don Haskins Center in front of the Ticket Center at 6:00 p.m. (and will be done by 7:30).

2. Andress High School graduation, Saturday, June 11th. We will meet at the Haskins Center in front of Ticket Center at 2 p.m. (done by 3:30).

3. El Paso High School graduation, Saturday, June 11th. We will meet at the main EPHS entrance at 6 p.m. (done by 7:30).

4. Coronado High School graduation, Sunday, June 12. We will meet at 2:00 p.m. at the Don Haskins Center in front of ticket center (done by 3:30 p.m.).

Accreditation: The Frontera pre-application is due in June; we have all the materials ready to go! The final application will be submitted in September. We still have a lot of work to do before that date, reviewing current policies and procedures as well as creating new procedures that are needed for a growing organization like Frontera.

What is next?

  1.  We plan to get started on a nature trail and overlook at Resler Canyon that was grant- funded by the TPWD. Volunteers will be needed so stay tuned!
  2.  Continue negotiating and establishing conservation easements on EPWU arroyos.
  3.  We will have completed the Preservation and Conservation Report for the PSB by the end of July. Look for the opportunity for public feedback.
  4.  Start planning for Frontera’s five-year Strategic Plan, as our current one is expiring.

You can email your comment to
Comments may also be submitted to:

Land Trust Accreditation Commission
Attn: Public Comments,
36 Phila St., Suite 2,
Saratoga Springs, NY 12866;

or faxed to 518-587-3183.

Comments on the application will be most useful if they are received by November 1, 2016

Comment on Frontera at The Land Trust Commission

Photo by: Mark Klune

We Need Your Help to Achieve Castner Range National Monument Status

We need people to help input data, walk blocks, staff our booth at events, speak to local organizations, attend Poppies Fest, and gather signatures of support letters at events.  If you can help, please contact Frontera’s Janae’ Reneaud Field at, 915-351-8352.

Sign Your Letter of Support
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