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The Frontera Land Alliance May 2015 Update

The Frontera May 2015 Update

Resler Canyon and Neighboring Change
As you may have heard, Whole Foods Market is planning to come to El Paso and wishes to have their store located right next to Resler Canyon. What better a spot for this company than next to a natural open space with great views of the nature preserve! When Frontera acquired the 91 acres we made a commitment to protect the natural resources and waterways, ensuring the preservation of the land as open space in perpetuity. This was recently put to the test.
Frontera is excited to have Whole Foods Market as a neighbor, but our first responsibility is our commitment to Resler Canyon. With the assistance of legal counsel and an expert engineer, we evaluated the initial proposal and the impact it would have on Resler Canyon. After an in-depth review, the Frontera Board of Directors had concerns about the long term efficacy of the proposed system, so we proposed some alternatives that would have greatly minimized the chances of drainage problems occurring in the future.
In the end, the property owners decided not to build a drainage basin in Resler Canyon. Instead they will construct a large leach field on their land, underground, to capture the water that falls on their building and parking lots. From there the water will naturally filter into the ground. Frontera is currently reviewing the updated site plans and the slope repair work the site owners wish to do on the east- and south-facing slopes. Due to existing erosion they wish to reconstruct the slope to ensure the stability of the hillside. As we move forward with this project we will keep you posted.
Stewardship at Resler Canyon: A great big thank-you to the volunteers who helped to pick up trash, spread native seeds around the wattles to reduce erosion and establish native plants, and to everyone who assisted with cutting and removing the Palo Verde trees, an invasive species that has established itself in Resler Canyon. And many thanks to the El Paso Water Utilities for loading and taking away the trash and cut brush.
Projects:  The City of El Paso Water Utilities Public Service Board (EPWU/PSB) approved directing EPWU/PSB staff to continue working with Frontera and City staff on the review and investigation of the placement of a conservation easement on the Cloudview Arroyo and on the Wildwood II property and possible conveyance of the easement to Frontera. If an agreement is reached, Frontera will assist in the stewardship of these lands. We have a long way to go before finalizing the agreements, but we could not ask for better partners than EPWU!
Events: Over the past month Frontera finished its review and assessment of the Frontera 2015 annual event, presented a program to the El Paso/Trans-Pecos Audubon Society, and met with landowners to share various methods for conserving land. 

  • Stop by and say hi to Frontera volunteers at the West Side’s Tractor Supply Store, 6869 S. Desert Blvd., Suite 500, near Transmountain Road, Saturday, May 30 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. 
  • A picnic and a Thank You to volunteers will be held at Resler Canyon, Saturday, October 17th. Frontera will host a picnic and guided hikes. Hikes will take place at 10:30 a.m. and 1:00 p.m.; picnic lunch will be from 11:30 to 12:30. Cost is $5/person. To RSVP, please send a check made out to The Frontera Land Alliance, 3800 N. Mesa St., Suite A2-258, El Paso, Texas 79902.

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