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The Frontera Land Alliance August 2015 Update

The Frontera August 2015 Update

You may have heard of hospitals and financial institutions that are accredited, but have you ever heard of a land trust being accredited?  As of today there are nine accredited land trusts in the state of Texas and The Frontera Land Alliance is working very hard to join that list!

Achieving accreditation will show El Pasoans that Frontera has a solid foundation and delivers a professional program. Going through the process will give landowners additional confidence to work with us in permanently conserving their land, water and wildlife. And what is more, achieving accreditation will assure our donors that their support is well-placed. Accredited status conveys to landowners and supporters this message: “Invest in us. We are a strong, effective organization you can trust to conserve your land forever.” The accreditation seal is a mark of distinction.  The public demands accountability from government and nonprofit organizations, including land trusts. Independent accreditation provides the assurance of quality and the permanence of land conservation that the public and donors look for, and publicly recognizes a land trust’s ability to protect important natural places and working lands forever.

Preparing and applying for accreditation provides an opportunity for Frontera to review and implement policies that will help streamline our operations and lead to more effective land conservation. We estimate the total cost to be about $10,000. We are off to a good start; we have received funding from the national Land Trust Alliance in the amount of $4,000 to assist with the assessment of our organization.

The Frontera Board of Directors are excited to strengthen our organization and show that we are accountable to you. We will keep you posted as we move through this process.

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