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The Frontera Land Alliance 2016 Annual Event

The Frontera December 2015 Update

YOU are invited to the Frontera Annual Event Thursday, January 28th

The evening will begin at 6 p.m. with mingling, food and a cash bar. Representative Moody will be our guest speaker, followed by an update on the efforts to make Castner Range a National Monument and the Frontera 2016 programs and projects by Frontera President, Scott Cutler.

Please RSVP by January 24th, seating is limited. Email:  or 915-351-8352.  (This is a free event with food and a cash bar. We will ask for financial support at the dinner)


Make Castner Range a National Monument! 

Investing in the conservation of Castner Range is also an investment in clean water, air and energy, all natural resources we rely on for our quality of life. Conserving Castner Range will preserve the fragile lands at the urban fringe around the Franklin Mountains. The goal is to establish Castner Range as a national monument so that it will be protected in perpetuity. The preservation of these lands will safeguard a network of natural areas that enhance our community’s unique character, culture and sense of place. You can find additional information about Castner Range at:

Act now! YOU can make Castner Range a National Monument!  
To submit a letter of support and for questions contact:
The Frontera Land Alliance,
3800 N. Mesa St., S
Phone: 915-3551-8352



Thank you, to each one of you!

Our members and volunteers make conservation happen in the region! And we could not carry out water, wildlife and natural area conservation without our sponsors and grantors which include: El Paso Electric Company, James A. “Buddy” Davidson Charitable Foundation, Norcross Wildlife Foundation Inc., CSM Realty Holdings, LTD., Estate of Maxie Groce Templeton honoring Judy Ackerman for her conservation efforts, Richard Teschner, Hunt Communities, Jobe Materials, CMD Endeavors, Winton Flair, Bain Construction, and Sierra Machinery. 


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