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The Frontera June 2014 Update

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The Frontera June 2014 Update

The Frontera Land Alliance spring/summer newsletter is at the printers now, and will be in your mailbox soon.
Just this month, Frontera spoke to the local Westside Rotary Club about conservation in the El Paso area. We also shared our new 9 ½-minute DVD on Castner Range. Frontera and the Franklin Mountains Wilderness Coalition have now finished printing and assembling the Castner Range education packet. This means we are ready to educate others, at one-on-one meetings, as to why the conservation of Castner Range is so important to our local economy, water, wildlife and quality of life.
Over the June 14th weekend, important articles featuring Frontera appeared in the El Paso Inc. and the El Paso Times. To view these articles please see:

Volunteer Opportunity
If you or an organization you’re involved with are interested in setting up a day and a time to help Frontera install wattles at Resler Canyon, please contact the Frontera office at: or call 915-351-8352.

Resler Canyon: More Illegal Dumping
More illegal dumping has been taking place at Resler Canyon. We are thankful to all the neighbors who have reported this dumping and other misuses. Once we know that these problems have occurred, we take all action necessary to speed along the recovery, thereby keeping the nature preserve as pristine and as safe as we possibly can.

Resilient Cities
Frontera has been asked to participate in the City of El Paso “100 Resilient Cities” kick-off workshop on Friday, June 20. We are excited to be at the table and will keep you posted on our involvement.

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