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The Frontera April 2016 Update

Castner Range Update: We love seeing how much the community is supporting the drive to create a Castner Range National Monument. If you have not already done so, please sign the letter to President Obama asking him to dedicate Castner Range as a national monument. Just go to the website and then “like” us on the Castner Facebook page. We are arranging for a broadly-based and diverse group of folks to visit DC in several weeks to share with the administation and elected officals the reasons why El Pasoans want this land protected. Meanwhile, look for us at endless events and thanks so very much for your assistance and support!

Jewish Federation 2016 Annual Doing Good Day: We were very pleased to be part of the Jewish Federation Doing Good Day. About 13 volunteers came and participated in a spring clean-up at Resler Canyon. We had great success!

Preservation and Conservation Planning Group: The group has been meeting monthly as have its subcommittees which are working on specific assignments. We are on track to send a proposal to El Paso Water Utilities regarding criteria to identify which specific El Paso City-owned lands (mentioned in the 2015 mountain lands petition) should be preserved, which lands can be developed, and what conservation standards should be established for development to ensure a high quality of life for present and future generations.

Overall Objectives of the Group:

  • Create a plan that can be approved by all stakeholder agencies
  • Establish the value of preserving land compared to developing
  • State benefits of having a plan, including economic, quality of life
  • Set guidelines for future development, including conditions of sale
  • Create a model for future land development (if any) of all undeveloped land

National Accreditation for Land Trusts: As an important part of the process, the Accreditation Commission invites public input on pending applications.  Comments must relate to how Frontera complies with the Land Trust Alliance Standards and Practices. The easiest way to support Frontera is by visiting the Commission’s website.

You can email your comment to
Comments may also be submitted to:

Land Trust Accreditation Commission
Attn: Public Comments,
36 Phila St., Suite 2,
Saratoga Springs, NY 12866;

or faxed to 518-587-3183.

Comments on the application will be most useful if they are received by November 1, 2016

Comment on Frontera at The Land Trust Commission

We Need Your Help to Achieve Caster Range National Monument Status

We need people to help input data, walk blocks, staff our booth at events, speak to local organizations, attend Poppies Fest, and gather signatures of support letters at events.  If you can help, please contact Frontera’s Janae’ Reneaud Field at, 915-351-8352.

Sign Your Letter of Support
You can like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter and visit Castner Range Website to learn more!

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