Frontera Land Alliance

Landowner Alert System

Dear Frontera Supporters,

There are a few resources that might be of interest to you. Below you will see the opportunity to join a Landowner Alert System (details below), or at the following sites you may sign up for alerts, announcements and keep up with current information.

  • Texas Land Trust Council, state wide land trust:
  • Land Trust Alliance, the national land trust:
  • Braun & Gresham has launched a new Landowner Alert System to help our clients and colleagues stay informed on issues affecting landowners and their land. This free e-mail service will give subscribers exclusive access to a range of information from announcements about important changes in the law to alerts about upcoming educational seminars.  Anyone interested in land will benefit from a subscription. To tailor the new Service to your needs, we’d like to find out what news you’re most interested in receiving.  Please follow the link below and spend 10 seconds choosing your areas of interest by checking all boxes that apply. Our intention is NOT to overwhelm your inbox with e-mails.We will limit the Landowner Alert Service to a maximum of 4 e-mails per month. You can also unsubscribe at any time. We encourage you to consider not only your interests today, but also what you might need to know tomorrow. & Gresham, PLLC (512) 894-5426

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