Frontera Land Alliance

Frontera steps forward with grants

It’s with great pleasure that I announce what we’ve hoped so long would come to pass: We received a $40,000 grant from the Meadows Foundation of Dallas and a $40,000 matching grant from the El Paso Community Foundation (EPCF) for a total of $80,000. We will use this money to build our internal capacity (i.e., hire an executive director, rent office space, equip the office, etc.) This is a major step toward achieving our goal of conserving land in the region.

As you recall, Frontera first approached Meadows three years ago, and that this is the third time we’ve applied for a Meadows grant. But this is only the first time we’ve applied for a matching grant from the EPCF.

I want to acknowledge and applaud the efforts of our vice-president, Richard Teschner, who has relentlessly pursued this grant. He met with EPCF executives at their downtown office 14 times in the past year to ensure that this grant was a top priority. Richard’s dedication to Frontera’s success is truly fantastic and energizing. Thank you Richard!

Your very happy president,
Mike Gaglio