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Frontera April 2014 Update

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Frontera April Update

Land Conservation

New video!—The Frontera Land Alliance, the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department and the Franklin Mountains Wilderness Coalition are proud to present our brand-new video— Conserving Castner Range.  These organizations have been working hard for more than 35 years to ensure that the remaining land of Castner Range is preserved forever and is included in the Franklin Mountains State Park. The video takes you on a bird’s-eye ride through Castner Range to showcase the land’s natural beauty and its position relative to the State Park, and to give you an idea of the amount of city growth around the range.  It offers a brief historical profile and explains the unique qualities of the Range with crisp photos and informative interviews. The video was filmed and produced by Jackson Polk of Capstone Productions. If you have not yet had the chance, please watch the Conserving Castner Range video.
Resler Canyon: El Paso Electric Company volunteers and Franklin Mountains Wilderness Coalition members assisted Frontera in collecting native seeds at Resler Canyon. Thank you greatly, one and all! Frontera has been conducting outreach with Resler Canyon’s neighbors in the hopes that they will be the eyes and ears of Frontera to report any illegal dumping and other misuses at the Canyon
The Franklin and Organ Mountain Conservation Cooperative: El Paso City Council discussed and voted to accept the Rockefeller Foundation Resilience Grant which has been offered to the city.  The cities next step is to recruit for the resiliency officer. The City will move forward with developing a plan that will withstand shocks while still maintaining its essential functions and to recover quickly and effectively. Also Rick LoBello has set up a Facebook page which is designed to gain public support for the overall effort. Feel free to share the following link:

Upcoming Events

The New Mexico Native Plant Society’s annual meeting will be held on Friday, August 1 at Canutillo High School, 7:30 a.m.–5:00 p.m.  The opening and keynote address, “Good to the Last Drop: Maximizing Water Resources for the Future,” will be presented by John Balliew, President and CEO, El Paso Water Utilities. Mr. Balliew will discuss how a community examines sparse water resources and uses innovation to stretch them to the max for the future. EPWU is offering a visit to the country’s largest inland water desalination plant (El Paso’s Kay Bailey Hutchison facility), a cooperative project between the City of El Paso and Fort Bliss.
Frontera Board members Mike Gaglio and Scott Cutler (along with Frontera’s Executive Director Janaé Reneaud Field) will be making presentations at the NM Native Plant Society event.

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