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Behind the scenes at Frontera 2012

Dear Supporters,

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A quick review of what has been happening behind the scenes at the Frontera office in 2012:

In the Marketing/Outreach field we have developed and printed a general brochure, a conservation easement brochure, some folders and three newsletters over the past year. Frontera had an op-ed or two in the local papers and created a traveling display that we hope you will see around town at local banks, libraries and such in 2013. We had a presence at Ardovino’s Desert Crossing Farmers’ Market and appeared on a KTEP radio program this fall. There were several opportunities to meet the board and other supporters this past year—at the gathering at Canyon Winery, the annual Taste of Frontera and this past fall’s Conservation Workshop.

In the Fundraising Department we are gaining traction. We already have a pledge from the Hunt Family Foundation for 2013. We have received a National Park Service Grant for technical support to identify lands important for conservation adjacent to Franklin Mountains State Park  and a grant from the national Land Trust Alliance for Frontera to “Assess Your Organization” (i.e., its policies and procedures), which assessment is required when we apply for national accreditation. In addition we are waiting to hear back from other several grants that have been submitted for water and land conservation. We acquired new members from the February and November mailing. Frontera is now part of the national Terrafirma Insurance program to aid in the protection of the land and the easements that Frontera holds.

Land Projects are in the works, but as you know they are slow to come to fruition. We are actively using the established policies and procedures for accreditation, have completed all 2012 annual site visits, and have hosted clean ups and guided hikes at Resler Canyon and Thunder Canyon. We continually speak with landowners interested in learning more about conservation easements or selling/donating their land for conservation. And the 4C’s (‘Castner Conservation Conveyance Committee’, some of whose members are also on the Frontera board) are working on a land use plan for Castner Range.

Through your dedication, time and skills you are making a difference for water and land conservation in the region.

Thank you!!!

Janae’ Reneaud Field

Executive Director

The Frontera Land Alliance

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