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Restler Canyon Needs Your Help – 03/11/2014

Photo by Scott Cutler, showing the area where wattles & seeds will be placed to address erosion

Restler Canyon Needs Your Help

The Frontera Land Alliance needs wattles and seeds to prevent erosion on the site of recent improvements to stormwater infrastructure in the Wakeem/Teschner Nature Preserve at Resler Canyon in El Paso.

Wattles are straw-filled, biodegradable net tubes staked out across areas subject to erosion. You see them next to highways. They’ll be used in the Canyon to slow down rain runoff and let water slowly soak into the soil. The wetter the soil, the better the chance that seeds can germinate and hold the soil in place. And when plants take hold and grow, the leaves reduce the impact of raindrops, further cutting back on erosion. The wattles come in 100 foot lengths; we need over 5,000 feet to adequately protect the site. We’ll be gathering surplus seeds from Canyon shrubs, but we must also buy about 80 pounds of fast-growing, native grass seed to quickly generate ground cover. The cost of the erosion control and reseeding is $25,000.

You can help by sponsoring a wattle or a 10-pound bag of seed. Each wattle length costs $100. The seed is $200 per bag. Even smaller contributions will help. Your sponsorship is tax deductible. Your name will appear on a marker to celebrate your contribution.

Want more info about contributing to this important conservation project contact Janaé Renaud Field, Frontera’s Executive Director, at (915) 351-8352 or



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