Frontera Land Alliance


Since our founding in 2004, as a nonprofit 501(c)3 organization, The Frontera Land Alliance has been saving El Paso’s “special places and wide open spaces.” Our growing region continually faces additional pressures on existing land and open space. Without addressing these issues now, the opportunities we have today will have passed us by, and the opportunities for conservation will be much more limited. We need to keep this conversation at the forefront in our community because conservation doesn’t happen overnight, and doesn’t simply happen by itself. Frontera believes that by reaching out to educate the community on the value of our regional landscape and its long-term benefits for us all, we can create a more sustainable environment for both present and future generations.


Formation of The Frontera Land Alliance


Established to work in the state of New Mexico. Established the 91-acre Wakeem/Teschner Nature Preserve, known as Resler Canyon


Accepted 5 acres of C donated land Frontera calls Colonia Vista. Preserved a 26-acre parcel of land in an established neighborhood, known as Thunder Canyon


Awarded $300,000 grant from Office of Economic Adjustment for Castner Range study on Conservation Conveyance


Went from an all-volunteer Board of Directors to Hiring an Executive Director


Closed out Office of Economic Adjustment Grant


Spearheaded the Castner Range National Monument Campaign that seeks to preserve the Range’s 7,081 acres in perpetuity


Installed Burrowing Owl next at Resler Canyon, with TPWD, EPEC and TMN


Became a Nationally-Accredited Land Trust in the region. Created Nature Discovery Education Program


Created First Strategic Plan. Established an endowment with the El Paso Community Foundation


Engaged with over 8,750 children, teens and adults, hosting over 72 events that exposed them to El Paso’s natural environment and volunteers donated over 600 hours of time


Leading the Castner Range National Monument Campaign that seeks to preserve the Range’s 7,081 acres in perpetuity. Completed Conservation Easement on Lost Dog, 1006 acres. Completed Conservation Easement on Knapp Land, 353 acres