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Preservation and Conservation Project: Enrich El Paso Report

The Preservation and Conservation Planning Group was created by El Paso Water at the end of 2015. They asked this team of varying expertise to develop criteria that will identify & classify lands, that are owned by El Paso Water and adjacent to the Franklin Mountains State Park, that best accommodate development while also considering lands to conserve. This is a collaborative approach specifically designed to obtain community input, create goals, assist in identifying criteria, identify land protection focus areas and develop funding mechanisms to create a lasting legacy in our region.

The report contains scientific data to assist in decision making by the City of El Paso as well as organizations, government agencies, individuals, developers and business owners about the existing resources on the El Paso Water-managed lands adjacent to the Franklin Mountains State Park.

The Preservation and Conservation Planning Group goals are:

  • Safeguard natural and cultural features.
  • Improve wildlife habitat and connectivity.
  • Address the health of our regional watershed.
  • Contribute to the local economy of our communities.

Read the full report here

To see the proposed map go to page 3 of the report.


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