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Education and Outreach: What Frontera Offers You

The Frontera Nature Discovery Program began in the fall of 2017. The program offers educational and outreach opportunities to all. We have successfully engaged organizations, businesses and civic groups, and are partnering through an MOU with the Fort Bliss Child and Youth After-School Program by providing guided hikes, recreation activities, service-project experiences and lessons in how to see nature through camera lenses. We have hired several staff, and they are introducing people, of all ages, to Nature through recreation and education as a way of staying healthy and learning to appreciate their natural surroundings. We offer Spanish-language hikes and education talks. We are reaching out to area scout troops, high school clubs, service clubs, the El Paso Electric Company, neighborhood associations, and church groups along with government entities. We have a strong relationship with many faculty, staff, and students at the University of Texas El Paso and the El Paso Community College.

In addition we have a partnership with Coronado High School’s Project-Active Learning Program. The partnership provides 200 ninth-grade students with hands-on learning regarding the local outdoor environment, and seeks to build a stronger understanding of nature, science, the community, and natural areas surrounding our city. The program takes place at and near the El Paso Museum of Archaeology which in turn is surrounded by Fort Bliss’s Castner Range, and consists of weekly tours and lectures held for one month in the spring.

If you wish to plan a program for your organization or partner with Frontera, please call 915-351-8352

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Preservation and Conservation Project: Enrich El Paso Report


The Preservation and Conservation Planning Group was created by El Paso Water at the end of 2015. They asked this team of varying expertise to develop criteria that will identify and classify lands that are owned by El Paso Water and are adjacent to the Franklin Mountains State Park, and that best accommodate development while also considering lands to conserve. This is a collaborative approach specifically designed to obtain community input, create goals, assist in identifying criteria, identify land protection focus areas and develop funding mechanisms to create a lasting legacy in our region.

The report contains scientific data to assist in decision making by the City of El Paso as well as to inform organizations, government agencies, individuals, developers and business owners about the existing resources on the El Paso Water-owned-and-managed lands adjacent to the Franklin Mountains State Park.

The Preservation and Conservation Planning Group’s goals are:

  • Safeguard natural and cultural features.
  • Improve wildlife habitat and connectivity.
  • Address the health of our regional watershed.
  • Contribute to the local economy of our communities.

Read the full report here

To see the proposed map go to page 3 of the report.


Please take a moment to fill out our Community Conservation Priority Survey. We appreciate your time and feedback!

Community Conservation Priority Survey


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