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Castner Range

The Castner Range Conservation Report is available! This 104-page study was prepared for the Castner Conservation Conveyance Committee (“4-C’s”) by SONRI Inc., of Boerne, TX and CALIBRE Systems, Inc. of Alexandria, VA with funding from a $300,000 grant obtained with the assistance of El Paso’s Congressman Silvestre Reyes and administered through the Department of Defense’s Office of Economic Adjustment.

Work on this project by the 4-C’s, CALIBRE and SONRI began in the fall of 2010. The project is a major component in the ongoing effort to deploy a conservation conveyance on the 7,081-acre/eleven-square-mile Castner Range property located on El Paso’s Northeast Side between the Franklin Mountains State Park (FMSP) and the U.S. 54 Patriot Freeway. Since the late 1960’s, Castner (a live artillery/ordnance firing site inaugurated in 1923) has been a “closed” range and thus not considered a part of the Fort Bliss Training Complex. Governmental bodies at all levels—the El Paso City Council, the County Commissioners’ Court, the Texas House of Representatives and the Texas Senate—have gone on record in favor of applying a conservation conveyance to Castner as an intermediate stage in the transfer of the property from Department of Defense ownership to ownership by the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department as part of the FMSP.

The report, accessible through the links below, documents background information and a path-forward to achieving conservation of the Castner Range. Please click the links below to access the report and background data.

Castner Range Conservation Conveyance Report – Text

Conservation Conveyance Report for Castner Range – Report Appendices

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