Frontera Land Alliance


Partnership with Fort Bliss Child and Youth Services!!

Frontera is excited to share a new partnership: We are working with Fort Bliss Child and Youth
Services (CYS). Together we will provide CYS Youth Center students exposure to environmental education, conservation efforts and animal sciences.

Castner Range Conservation

The Castner Range Conservation Report is available! This 104-page study was prepared for the Castner Conservation Conveyance Committee (“4-C’s”) by SONRI Inc., of Boerne, TX and CALIBRE Systems, Inc. of Alexandria, VA with funding from a $300,000 grant obtained with the assistance of El Paso’s Congressman Silvestre Reyes and administered through the Department of Defense’s Office of Economic Adjustment.

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National Monument Site

Preservation and Conservation Project

The Preservation and Conservation
Planning Group is championing a community effort to develop criteria that will identify & classify lands that best accommodate development while also considering lands to conserve. This is a collaborative approach specifically designed to obtain community input, create goals, assist in identifying criteria, identify land protection focus areas and develop funding mechanisms to create a lasting legacy in our region.

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Thunder Canyon Conservation Easement

Thunder Canyon is a 26-acre natural arroyo in the western slopes of the Franklin Mountains formerly owned by a private development company. For two years neighbors of the canyon worked with the City to create a PID and purchase the property from the developer. Essentially, the 88 households surrounding Thunder Canyon agreed to tax themselves to pay off the purchase price; the land now belongs to the citizens of El Paso for all of us to enjoy forever.

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Wakeem/Teschner Nature Preserve at Resler Canyon

In the summer of 2012, Frontera applied for technical assistance from the National Park Service’s Rivers, Trails and Conservation Assistance Program to support our efforts to identify arroyos and other lands suitable for conservation around the Franklin Mountains. Frontera competed regionally with other organizations and communities in the grant process. The National Park Service (NPS) awarded Frontera a technical assistance grant in November 2012.

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Education and Outreach: What Frontera Offers You

Outdoor recreation, education and conservation of open space are linked; they can truly improve the quality of life in our communities and the health of our residents which is one of the primary objectives identified in Frontera’s recently-developed Strategic Plan. We believe not only in the protection of our natural resources, but also in the importance of providing opportunities to learn about our natural settings with hands-on experiences. Success will be seen if we show a net gain in the number of individuals who attend Frontera activities and more people learn about their natural surroundings.

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