Frontera Land Alliance

Land Trust

What are Land Trusts?

Land trusts offer a nonprofit solution for land conservation that does not rely on government tax
dollars or government programs to help protect the land. Land trusts conserve natural areas by
negotiating private, voluntary agreements with property owners to leave their land undeveloped.
There are over 30 land trusts in Texas that have helped to conserve over 1.6 million acres of
farms, wetlands, deserts, mountains, forests, watersheds and coastlines.

Land trusts conserve Texas’s special lands and waters by permanently protecting them from
development. Land trusts frequently have missions designed to ensure that every Texan has
access to clean water and the opportunity to be connected to the state’s natural and cultural

Conserving land carries with it many long-lasting benefits for our state. By preventing more land
from being paved over by asphalt or concrete, we are ensuring that more of our precious rainfall
water will soak into the ground and into our aquifers, thereby replenishing the water supply. And
conserving land protects habitat for iconic Texas wildlife.

Land trusts bring people together to make commitments that can change communities. Together
we can ensure that the Texas landscape – rich in history, natural resources, breathtaking views
and recreational opportunities – can be left intact for all of us today and for future generations.