Frontera Land Alliance

Scott Winton

Member, Board of Directors

Scott grew up in Clovis, New Mexico, and worked in the family business of real estate, homebuilding and development.  Upon graduation from Clovis High School, he attended the University of New Mexico for three semesters until he decided he needed to  “figure out what he wanted to do”.   He came to El Paso where he was in the heating and air conditioning and homebuilding business for six years.  He returned to school at the University of Texas at Austin, where he graduated with a dual majored BBA in Real Estate and Urban Development and Finance.  Upon graduation, he stayed in the Austin area for twenty-five years and worked in the land development industry, owned a real estate brokerage company and performed various consulting activities for local developers.  He also spent numerous years as a community volunteer in the City of Pflugerville, a fast growing suburb of Austin, where he served on the Zoning Commission, the Parks and Recreation Commission and three terms as mayor.
He returned to El Paso in 2005 to work in the family business, The Winton Group, as Vice-President of Business Development.  He brought with him a passion for development of alternative communities that offer residents an alternative to 100% car dependence.  His current projects include development of the Piazza Escondida, a small mixed use development on Escondido Drive, and Rio Valley, a small “village” like development that offers mixed uses, a variety of housing types, convenient services, and walking trails and parks. He joined the board of the Frontera Land Alliance in 2010 and is beginning his second term as Secretary of the organization.

Board of Directors