Frontera Land Alliance


There are more than 30 land trusts in Texas that have helped to conserve over 1.6 million acres
of farms, ranches, deserts, mountains, wetlands, wildlife habitat, urban parks, forests,
watersheds, coastlines and river corridors. Land trusts’ missions frequently ensure that every
Texan has access to clean water and the opportunity to be connected to the state’s natural and
cultural heritage.

The Frontera Land Alliance (Frontera), a non-profit 501(c)3 organization, was founded in early
2004 when community members realized there was an urgent need to preserve some of the
important remaining natural and working lands in the greater El Paso and southern New Mexico
region. The organization has developed the knowledge and expertise to provide guidance to land
owners wanting to maintain the character of their land.
Frontera has long worked to build stronger relationships with El Paso Water [Utilities] and its
Public Service Board, and with the City of El Paso and its Parks and Recreation Department. We
are working with the National Park Service and other great partners on developing a regional
map. In addition, Frontera is engaged in conversations with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Partners
Program for habitat restoration work at the Wakeem/Teschner Nature Preserve of Resler

All of us are responsible for protecting our natural world: to use what we need, make smarter
choices, and pass along to future generations the beauty, wildlife, water and natural resources
that we enjoy today. Investing in conservation is also an investment in our economy and quality
of life. We need to do a better job of planning for development and identifying the wildlife
corridors that should remain intact as well as the arroyos that transport the rainwater to the Rio
Grande. We need to think ahead to keep valuable open space open for the natural habitat and the
beauty that open space provides to our community.

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