Frontera Land Alliance

January Update – 01/30/2014

Frontera January Update
Happy New Year from The Frontera Land Alliance!


Frontera Annual Event
Frontera will not be hosting its normal fundraising dinner at Ardovino’s Desert Crossing this year. This is a special year, Frontera will be celebrating our 10th year of operation, and we wanted to celebrate by showcasing a conservation easement.
Frontera has been working with the Thunder Canyon neighbors and with several City of El Paso departments—Parks and Recreation, El Paso Water Utilities, Environmental Services—to plan its 10th year celebration. By showcasing Thunder Canyon, the event will provide our many friends with a great opportunity to learn firsthand how conservation works and what it looks like, as well as offering us all a wonderful outdoor event. We will provide education booths, drinks and snacks for all to enjoy. We will be hosting guided hikes into Thunder Canyon; we will also sponsor a few special guest speakers which you will not want to miss. So please stay posted for more details, but in the meantime save this date:
Saturday, November 1, 2014, 9 a.m. to noon!
Annual Poppy Fest:
Saturday, March 29, 2014 at Archeology Museum. You won’t want to miss it this year, whether poppies bloom or not. That’s because Frontera will be showing, for the first time ever, a video on Castner Range and produced by Jackson Polk. This video will motivate you to take action to conserve Castner Range while learning all about it. DO NOT MISS THE CHANCE TO SEE THIS EXCITING FILM!!!
Earth Day
The City of El Paso is hosting its annual Earth Day event on Saturday, April 5, 2014. Please come out on and show support to Frontera. Stop by our booth and say hi. The event is a great place to bring kids and watch them interact with lots of hands-on games, animal skulls and more. (10 a.m. to 3 pm., Municipal Services Center, 7968 San Paulo Dr., southeast of Bel Air High.)
Resler Canyon: Look at all that’s happening here!
  1. Frontera is working to restore various habitat areas at Resler Canyon. It has suffered over the years from the increased speed and quantity of water that is being channelized through the arroyo. Frontera has hired Van Clothier with Stream Dynamics to prepare a design for a water harvesting area which will help address erosion and create wildlife habitat. Frontera has walked 26 of the 91 acres with Oscar Mestas, with the AgriLife Extension Forest Service, to obtain a plan for what vegetation, if any, to address invasive & non-native species. Frontera will be submitting an application to the US Fish and Wildlife Service for project support. If the support is received, work to remove the invasive species will begin in the winter of 2015.
  2. Vandalism, illegal dumping and trespassing with motorized vehicles are an ongoing issue and are becoming more serious. Frontera volunteers will be going door to door of each homeowner that is fortunate enough to have Resler Canyon as their backyard. We are asking everyone to report any illegal activities. To make reporting easier, Frontera is handing out magnets to each home with key numbers to call—police, fire, vandalism, etc.
  3. The work on the Resler Canyon culverts, directly under Café Italia, has been completed.
Castner Range
We have finished the Land Use Plan; go to to view the entire plan. Hard copies of the land use plan are ready to be handed out at this year’s poppy fest. If you want to help conserve Castner Range, please contact your local representatives—city, county, state and federal. Let them know how important it is to you to keep Castner Range in its natural state. If you would like a presentation on Castner Range please contact the Frontera office.
Where we are at with operating funds and project funds:
Frontera has secured funding for a solid 12 months, thanks to several grants and to you, our dedicated sponsors and partners! We’re now hard at work on the following projects:
  1. National Park Service has partnered with Frontera and has organized a group called The Franklin and Organ Mountains Conservation Cooperative. We are championing a community effort to develop a mapping tool that will identify and classify lands best suited for development and economic growth or more appropriately suited for preservation as natural areas which contribute to healthy lives and educational opportunities. 
  2. Addressing Resler Canyon habitat needs.
  3. Frontera has started discussions with El Paso Water Utilities asking to adopt two ponds which the city manages in the upper valley. The goal is to improve habitat for local and migrating birds, for other wildlife and to offer various education opportunities with guided tours.
If you wish to sponsor, support or volunteer for one of the above projects, please contact our office.